There are many TV shows that glorify the lives of medical students and the lives they lead. However, this is all made for entertainment so much of it is either exaggerated or untrue. Here are some pointers if you are a medical student, were a medical student, if you know one or if you someday see yourself as one:

Doing What You Learn

One of the best advantages of studying to become a professional in whatever field you choose, is that in all probability you will be able to implement what you learn. Being a medical student means you get work on the field as part of your training and so you get hands-on experience with what you are studying. Everything that was written in a textbook is now right there in front of you to implement.

Saving Lives

As McDreamy always said in Grey’s Anatomy: “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”. Being a medical student gives you your first experience of what you will be doing for the rest of your life, as long as your hand and brain allow you to – saving lives. Literally. A patient who is sick is coming to you to make them feel well again. You may not have given life, but you are giving someone a second chance at it – and that’s pretty miraculous right there. There is no other profession that can claim to come any close to this.

You Are Constantly Learning

There are many developments in the fields of health and medicine, so you will never find yourself stagnating in your practice. There are a lot of avenues within medicine and many resources you can learn from. The best part? Those who are pioneers in the field can act as mentors and you can gain knowledge from actually practicing as a medical intern at many large hospitals.

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