Top Medical Jobs That Earn You The Most

Maybe becoming a full-fledged doctor might seem like a For those interested in the field of medicine, but afraid to pursue it in the thoughts that it will not pay off, there is good news for you – there are certain jobs that will make full use of that medical degree as well as pay better than an accountant’s paycheck. Here are the Top Medical Jobs That Earn You The Most:


We are not talking about those shady ones selling illegally from under the counter. A pharmacist does more than just provide medication for a doctor’s prescription. A typical pharmacist provides medical advice, tips on using the correct dosage of pills and other medical counseling activities. Basically, a pharmacist makes sure that a patient’s health is maintained through the use of appropriate medication.

Expected Earnings: $116,000+


Anesthetist Nurse

This job may not be on many people’s goals lists, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have great benefits. An anesthetist nurse is someone who administers anesthesia to a patient before a surgery or other painful procedure, to help them either feel no pain, or go off to a peaceful sleep thereafter. Not everyone can be entrusted with this job, considering that many have misused their license, and it’s difficult to obtain in the first place. However, once you do, the pay is an added bonus to alleviating your patients’ pain.

Expected Earnings: $96,000+


Midwife Nurse

This practice has been going on for centuries now, as midwives have been the epicenter of pre-natal and post-natal care. Their journey starts from the time of pregnancy, assisting and counseling the expectant mother, to the time of labor as she guides the mom-to-be and finally to after-birth care, being their like a stalwart as the new mother finds her way through the maze of motherhood. It pays good as well, to be a support system.

Expected Earnings: $96,000+


Assistant Physician

Physicians may be the ones with the bigger degrees and loads more of learning time and internships, but their assistants earn a good sum, too. What does an Assistant Physician do exactly? They play a key part in the medical team, helping with diagnosing medical illnesses, taking care of patients and assisting in the overall medical process. It’s an important job and one that pays for all the hard work done.

Expected Earnings: $90,900+


Physician Therapist

Frankly, any sort of therapist should be considered as a healer to the weariness of a human being. The same goes for physician therapists who aid in bringing injured patients back to health through physical therapy. Maybe after a traumatic accident or incident that caused an injury, physician therapists help with the rehabilitation process of patients under their care. And they get rewarded monetarily for the same.

Expected Earnings: $79,800+



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